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Что было сделано

Instagram masks series



Carlsberg Kazakhstan Team:
— Assel Turarbek
— Alexey Nikitenko

Команда Buzzon:
— Raim Dadybayev: strategy
— Bolat Elmuratov:  creative & copywrite
— Kirill Malcev: art direction
— Roman Mokrov: motion design
— Dilyara Sharipova: motion design
— Arailym Dospanova: SMM
— Sabina Zhumali: account manager
— Nikolay Petrov: project management


CONTEXT: Flash Up Energy Drink has low brand awareness & low market share. In 2019 the brand updated the can’s design, but other stronger brands (Monster, Gorilla, Dizzy, ZEnergy &, etc. Red Bull has own shelf in stores so it's not considered in this case) are still «light green color on black». As a result, we had a small shelf’s share with similar-color competitive brands.

GOAL: build the brand’s awareness & visual element recognition among the young audience.

OBJECTIVE: communicate the can's new design to the youth who don’t watch TV and skips online advertising & bored with branded content.

INSIGHT: Young people do not like ads, but they love something new from local influencers.

SOLUTION: We created branded Instagram masks/effects. But since the audience will try on the mask of a little-known brand without much desire, we used the masks of the famous Instagram-viners @nagimuwaa and @TerriTima. Our influencers invited users to post our masks in their stories through funny vines with the brand idea — daily victories.

Also we shot the advertising dance video featuring Nagimusha, TerriTima and other influencers. Based on the video, we created the world's first dance Instagram mask.

Despite the technical limitations in the size of the mask (4mb) and the ban on brands logos, we managed to combine recognizable influencer’s attributes with Flash Up branding.

RESULTS: In 3 month we showed FlashUp’s name & visual element 12,5M+ times (contacts) covering 3,86M+ users with 33K+ UGC in stories & 2K+ users marked their story with hashtag #флешапнись & mention So the Instagram page grew up to 3K+ followers. We got almost 4M contacts for free (media value). You can try masks by subscribing to @territima ( and ( on Instagram. Masks with Flash Up branding will appear in your story effects.




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